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Now... Welcome to the Rank 1 Fan Blog! On this blog you will find all the trivia related to Piet Bervoets & Benno de Goeij's most successful and most famous Electronic music project: Rank 1!  

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So why did I create this blog? For starters, I've wanted to do something for Rank 1 as a grateful gesture for ages now. Their music has brought me so much joy and fun throughout the years! I also noticed this inspiring site [] wasn't being updated anymore so I decided to do something myself. Then there is the fact that even though the above-mentioned site provides all of Piet & Benno's productions ever, it does not list the Rank 1 DJ sets nor the stories behind the gentlemen. I thought it would be nice to have one single location where all this information is stored. Unfortunately I don't have any web-building skills so that's why I chose this blog-format. Enjoy the read, and I hope you will find what you are looking for. :)

NOTE #1: This blog is meant to HELP fans of Rank 1 find information about them. I don't get payed to maintain it, neither do I gain profit from it in any way! If Rank 1 or the labels they are affiliated with take offense on the information being posted here, please email me about it and I will remove said disturbing information.

NOTE #2: This is a FAN blog. Do you know what means? It means that chances are likely you will be reading very positive subjective words about Rank 1 when scrolling through introductions of each post. Don't like them (anymore) or never did to begin with? Stop wasting your time and get of this blog, there is nothing of interest for you here. Don't mean to be harsh, just being honest!

NOTE #3: Read something that's not correct or do you have additional information to add?  

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  1. Nice blog I just found a lot of stuff that I was not informed thanks :D

    1. Thank you very much mate, that's why I started it :D If you have additional info, feel free to tell/contact me!

  2. I was always interested about the performance that Rank 1 made in Trance Energy 2001 the tracklist is not completed it and there is not mp3 that I could find so far :/

    1. I saw a partial Youtube vid of it once which was about 14 or 11 minutes long, will look into it!