Friday, December 01, 2017

Latest Updates [December 5th 2017]

December 5th 2017
- Updated the DJ Sets 2015-2019 section with a few tracklists (inc. links to check them out!) and a new upcoming gig: be sure to catch Piet at We Love Technoclub in Frankfurt the day after Christmas!

December 4th 2017

- I am back to my speculation antics! Five untitleds, of which four are supposedly brand new were dropped a fortnight ago. Which ones would be release-worthy? Find out here: []

December 1st 2017

- IT'S ACTUALLY HERE!! The full Rank 1 Live Act @ Dreamstate SoCal 2017!! [] Give S3baman on Youtube a statue or at the very least a flurry of likes/positive comments, this guy has allowed us to kick of the final year of the month in tremendous style!!

November 26-29th 2017
- It's Dreamstate Socal 2017 Day 2! Which means: RANK 1 LIVE!! To everyone attending, and of course to Piet and Benno as well: have a fantastic time everyone! EDIT: Now! L.E.D. the hunt for new R1 tunes commence!!
- Set intro starring Untitled Track 2017 #1! []
- The first five tracks of the live act: Untitled Track 2017 #1, L.E.D., Airwave, EoN and Superstring (Rank 1 Remix) []
- Awakening got dropped, first second is The Great Escape! []
- Here's Untitled Track 2017 #2 followed by none other than Beats At Rank-1 Dotcom! []
- As it turns out, it is the set finisher! []

November 22nd 2017
"A few days left for our live performance @dreamstateusa. Some old tracks and....yes, some new tracks will be played as well. Are you ready?" []

- Could the hype ever be more real? Rank 1 is set to do a live performance at Dreamstate SoCal 2017 this weekend in which they will premiere more than one never-heard-before track for the very first time since... Trance Energy 2002? Just stop and think about that for a moment... What it could mean for 2018 IF they get a proper crowd response to the new ones?? Top Gear was never intended to be released but the "Crowd Power" and reactions afterwards changed Piet & Benno's minds... So you never know...
- The bad news here is I've been unable to find any information as whether their set will be streamed through the internet or broadcast by local radio stations... A quick "Dreamstate" search on Mixcloud did reveal quite a few sets from last year being recorded so at this point we stay-at-home folks can only cross our fingers and wish Piet, Benno and the attending crowd one hell of a magically Rank 1 LIVE hour!!

August 3rd 2017

- Recently Markus' label released Coldharbour Chill: 2 hours of Chillout version goodness of CH Anthems of the past few years. One of the included tracks is Zenith (Chillout Mix)! Grab it here: []

July 18th 2017

- Razor reporting with some MASSIVE news! After more than 4 years, Rank 1 will FINALLY do a Live Performance again, and this will probably be the first in FIVE years to be broadcast if they decide to stream it!! Source? The main men themselves! []
- Furthermore, Sunspot Sessions, a DJ from Germany with which a few other guys and I used to do broadcast/mix projects together, recently uploaded this Rank 1 Special to Youtube: []. Enjoy the great tracklist and smooth mixing!

June 1st 2017

Ola! It's been a while! Here are a few upcoming Rank 1 gigs where you will be able to catch Piet:
Rank 1 Live @ Luminosty Beach Festival Day 3 [June 24th 2017]
Rank 1 Live @ Electronic Family - The Gathering [August 6th 2017]
Rank 1 Live @ Rielism presents Misja Helsloot [October 2017]

February 3rd 2017

 - Greetings all! Behold: [] 17 years of Rank 1, 34 tasty originals, crammed into a 78-minute journey. For those of you just getting into Rank 1: Go educate yourself children!

January 30th 2017

- Having a couple of days off, I felt it was time to work on updating the blog here and there! Current focus: updating the Support Record for the releases, going from Superstring back to older releases... Wish me luck with that!

January 18th 2017

- Check out this cool set I just ran into, put together by Nathan Quigley! It's good to see people tribute Rank 1 on Mixcloud (or anywhere for that matter): []

January 16th 2017

- Yup... Even I've been persuaded to make a Spotify account. So if I'm gonna make playlists anyway, I might as well make one containing all the Rank 1 material that I could find! Here you go: [] Enjoy all!

December 26th 2016

- Happy Holidays all! Hope they were good to you! I was going through some older tweets just now, ran into some fun and interesting (and sad) ones:

"@arnejsecerkadic: 100% :-) But a @bennodegoeij @pietbervoets rmx of @RealCosmicGate will see clublight in the (hopefuly very) near future!"
Unforgetable remix, the one they did for Fire Wire B)

"Just came back from #verspuy store. I miss those days where I bumped into @ferrycorsten @pietbervoets @tiesto while checking out new synths!"
Not even Benno can deny the occasional flash of nostalgic sentiment! ;)

"While searching for a nice oldie for tuesdays Rank 1's Radio Rush, I found out we lost so much pre 2002 projectfiles AND masters.."
This must be horror for any producer :(

"Rank 1 studio time!! Any special requests?"
Requesting us what to make for a new Rank 1 tune?? Awesome. Had he tweeted this today I guess one of my many answers would have been:
"Please make another album!"
"Make a new "crazy" track like Top Gear was back in the day!"
"Combine Breaks with Techno/Tech Trance and Acid!"
"Do something Techno-ish again!"
"Bring out at least two remixes a year again!"

Next are three tweets about two productions that still bother me a lot... Take a look:

"Good news if you are waiting to hear some new Rank 1 material: Pretty sure this one will make it's way to your ears very soon"

"Expect some crazy stuff for the upcoming new Rank 1 single. I don't say this often, but this shit is REALLY crazy!"

Either this is the track that we came to know as 7 Instead Of 8 about a year and a half later OR it is a track they ended up never releasing. I am still itching to know what this was!! Then there is this tweet:

"This Rank 1 remix is really starting to get shape! Won't tell who we are remixing, but I can tell they are REALLY hot on iTunes atm"

I recall that at the time I instanty went on an iTunes hunt to see which singles were topping the charts. I found Justice (which consist of more than one person so it would match with the "they" in their tweet) - Civilization topping quite some charts. Then again, I could find not a single mention on google linking Rank 1 (or Benno) to Justice. On the other hand, later that year he did release the Benno de Goeij Remix for Sinead by Within Temptation (a band, so another possible "they"). I've always wondered... Was that BdG remix originally intended to be a Rank 1 Remix and thus, was that the remix Benno tweeted about here? Or was it for Justice after all? Or was this illusive Rank 1 Remix for a different act altogether? I guess we'll never know but my mind keeps wondering all the same...

November 8th 2016

- Howdy! A recent social media post by M.I.K.E. has awakened my old speculation habits... See this Instagram post: [] Not his depiction of the Rolands 909 and 303. Note how he says he loves collabs and has an "album" hashtag hidden in there. Next, check out this tweet by Benno about 1,5 weeks earlier: []. Notice the same devices in the clip, as well as their hashtags in the tweet? If you scroll a little before that tweet, you will see two more clips of Benno playing around with his arsenal of Analog Beasts.
Now let us dive back to almost EXACTLY a year prior to this Benno tweet. Remember when M.I.K.E. asked us this: []? Are you starting to see the pattern I'm seeing? :D I mean, it could all just be a silly coincidence... OR... #DareToBelieve ;)

November 1st 2016
- It's been a bit quiet on my end, apologies! I bring news though, This World Is So Amazing was officially released today with two remixes! Show your support for Rank 1 & York here: []

July 21st 2016

- A very happy birthday to Piet Bervoets!! Hard to believe that in 10 days it's exactly 5 years ago that I got to chat with him IRL after his Fiesta SummerSounds gig! Highlight of that year for sure!

July 20th 2016

- HOLY CR*P!! MAJOR ALERT!! A brand new Rank 1 collab was released earlier this month and I didn't even see it! Check out this delicious Chill-Out bliss by the legends here: []

June 3rd 2016

- Sadly, no brand new Rank 1 release today but a rework of their massive remix for Superstring! Get it now: []. Also check the usual sections for updated info's on Label uploads and such!
- But wait! There's more! A load of Rank 1 EPs has been made available on (in WAV too!), including the memorable first ever Rank 1 EP called The Citrus Juicer / Black Snow!! Get those gems here:
- Rank 1 made a mix for their upcoming set at Avalon! Check it out here for those Radio Rush vibes: []

May 28th 2016

- REJOICE RANK 1 FANS!! [] A new single is forthcoming, and it is only 6 days away! 

April 6th 2016

- Heads up! [] I have run into one of the most passionate Rank 1 fans up to date, and she is a great visual artist to boot! Follow Suzana [] and share your passion for Benno/Piet/Rank 1 tracks with her and other Trance-related artists. And as mentioned, check out that amazing art of hers! :D

March 19th 2016

- A very happy birthday to Benno de Goeij!!

February 28th 2016

- Added Rank 1's ASOT Festival #750 tracklist to the DJ Sets 2015-2019 section! It was a fun chairraving hour :D (And I REALLY should have been there live *sob*)

November 11th 2015

- Added two new Rank 1 tourdates in the DJ Sets 2015-2019 section!

November 9th 2015

- IT'S OUT NOW! M.I.K.E. Push vs. Rank 1 - Zenith, grab it here: []
- Global Dance Event's Trancegiving on November 25th will centre around Rank 1! []

November 5th 2015
- Guess who's doing a guestmix on GDJB tonight! []

October 29th 2015

- ALERT ALERT ALERT! We Rank 1 fans might FINALLY be seeing a follow-up to Symsonic after more than 13 years of Rank 1 album drought!! M.I.K.E. just asked this on Twitter: [] "So i just throwed the idea on #ClubEliteSessions! What if me and @rank1official would do an album .. ‘IF' .. thoughts?". If this gets the green light from the Legends, we might be in for a GIGA treat in 2016/2017!!

October 25th 2015

- Guess what, guess what! Currently revamping the blog so that each single/remix/compilation/album gets its very own post, tied to the very date it was released (as far as the oldest releases allow me such accuracy...)! It will be a TON of work but I am looking forward to it nonetheless :D
- I have made seperate posts for Zenith (won't appear until November 9th) all the way back to Wild And Perfect Day, Remixes not included! Browse the Singles section to check it out!

October 10th 2015

- Just a little over 8 hours until Rank 1's set at ASOT #700 Festival! Check the videostream here: []! I wish everyone that is attending a great time!

October 9th 2015
- The WORLD PREMIER of the new Rank 1 vs. M.I.K.E. Push collaboration called "Zenith" took place on GDJB yesterday []! Don't mean to brag but my speculation was spot-on once again ;) Hehe! Check out a preview version here: []. Give the Rank 1 boys a shout, let them know what you think! If you ask me, they nailed it with this one which is easily their best single since the magnificent 13.11.11!
- With the addition of "Zenith" to the Rank 1 discography, they have now covered 15/26 letters of the alphabet in the first letters of their own productions! To see the list, go to the Trivia section of this blog!

September 13th 2015
- So earlier this week...
And just 4 minutes later:
So... Rank 1 vs. M.I.K.E. Push - Zenith? ;)

September 1st 2015
- New month, and time for a long overdo update! Added the tracklist for Piet's Electronic Family Festival set > it was a great set and he dropped Juno too!
- And something special was brought to my attention! A 2001 set from Piet on ID&T Radio, check it out here: []! Tracklist can be found at the bottom of the Radio Sets section []. Many, many thanks to Chris []!!

July 22nd 2015
- Juno raises the Ranks and reaches nr. #17! [] There is something about that number... What was it again? ... Hmmmmmmm... Oh wait! I remember [] ;)

July 20th 2015
- Get it while it's On Fire! Rank 1 vs. M.I.K.E. Push - Juno! []

July 14th 2015
Been waiting to hear how Piet "Lifted the Floor" at Luminosity last month?! Check out the whole set here: [] Enjoy! Was a great atmosphere that afternoon, pay close attention to when he drops Airwave (Rank 1 vs. Dutch Force Remix) > that's Trance for ya, baby :D

July 12th 2015
- Announced yesterday: [] Piet will be delivering another 3-hour Classic set!! The US are surely getting spoiled this year ;)

June 29th 2015
- Lumi At The Beach was a blast! And Piet was "On Fire" (pun intended)! Check out the DJ Sets 2015-2019 section for the tracklist.

June 25th 3015
- More gig news! Rank 1 will be gracing the ASOT Festival in Mexico City later this year! Who's coming? []

June 24th 2015
- Big news! Piet will be doing a THREE hour Classics set at Stage 48 in New York in October! Check out the DJ Sets 2015-2019 section for other upcoming/recent gigs.
- Juno will be released on July 20th as a Beatport Exclusive! Check the official preview out here: []

June 18th 2015
- The wait is over, it's official! [] And with Juno as official Tune Of The Week for ASOT #718, Rank 1 score their 13th TOTW in the show's history!

June 18th 2015
- So! What do you folks think of the sequence of these tweets? First this one by M.I.K.E.[] And Then... (pun intended) this one by High Contrast Recordings []. Note how they mention "a Storm" and the coverart captures just that. Remember how the US suffered from the Juno storm earlier this year. And remember how Elements Of Nature got its name? That's right, because of the storms terrorizing the States back in late 2012/early 2013! I don't think we need any more hints than these, really ;) M.I.K.E. Push vs. Rank 1 - Juno premiers tonight!

June 12th 2015
- In December 2013 Dutch Legends Rank 1 and Belgian Legend M.I.K.E. Push said they'd make a second collaboration some time […/416326819974250496] Here are a few reasons why this could very well be said collaboration:
1) There is a reversed percussion element a bit similar to the raw reversed sweep found in Rank 1's Witness collaboration with Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren
2) The pluck melody in the build-up has a familiar vibe to the build-up lead in Elements Of Nature: play EoN and then this ID. Deffo feel a "sibling" air there!
3) Obviously the melody in the breakdown sound like the Classic M.I.K.E.. Picture his World Citizen album from 2013 with this track... It would fit on, wouldn't it?
4) The climaxing snares are similar to the snares in 7 Instead Of 8 and Elements Of Nature, both in the manner they sound and the rhytmic pattern they follow which is not your classic-albeit-cliched tempo raising 1/4 > 2/4 > 4/4 pattern
5) Armin goes on an MCing rampage about what Trance means to him and he does so during pretty much the only non-Bigroom/Trouse/Hardstyle sounding track in that phase of his set: a track which itself has a bit of a classic ring to it, be it in a modern coat (much like Elements Of Nature) => we call this track hyping. It would be fitting for a collaboration of two acts considered as some of the greatest champions of Classic Anthem Trance ever to receive such a special treatment... What do you think?

June 7th 2015
- Hey all! Armin held a little "MC Speech" about what Trance means to him during his ASOT #700 Mumbai set yesterday. It happened in the breakdown of a track which GaiaAddict from the Pure & Passion forum [] claimed had hints of My Enemy (Rank 1 Remix) / 13.11.11. Could this be the long-awaited follow-up to Elements Of Nature then?? It has a vey strong M.I.K.E.-ish feel to the melody whereas the build-up pluck and the snares have a hint of Rank 1's recent Retro-flavored releases! Judge for yourself (confirmed on July 18th): []

June 5th 2015

- Hey all! Look at this: [] Piet will be gracing Colloseum Jakarta with mr. Steve Helstrip from The Thrillseekers fame alongside a few other artists next week.

May 28th 2015

- Olla! It's been a while! Allow me to clear up a mistake I saw yesterday. Contrary to what Lange tweeted [], he played the original mix of Jochen Miller - U And Eye on Intercity #224 (listen for yourself here, it kicks in at about 15:58 > As far as I know, there is no such thing as a U And Eye (Rank 1 Remix), the same way that 9 Minutes is NOT a Rank 1 vs. Miller collaboration, nor is there a Jochen Miller & Benno de Goeij remix of Armin van Buuren - Mirage. The fact that Benno wrote a lot of track for/with Jochen, doesn't automatically Classify (pun intended!) them as R1/BdG vs. JM.

March 30th 2015

- Guess who will be gracing the Legends Stage at Electronic Family Festival's 5th anniversary? ;) None other than mr. Bervoets!

March 23rd 2015
- Special thanks to Enlusion [] for IDing the last Rank 1 set!

March 21st 2015
- It's 01:00 CET! Which means! Piet is LIVE on air for the coming two hours, tune in here: [] or watch the set here: [] Who's up for some late night raving huh? :D Will be doing tracklist duty so watch the DJ Sets space!

March 19th 2015
- A Very Happy Birthday to Maestro Benno!! Here's to many more great years filled with fun, health, happiness and music. As for today, L.E.D. There Be Lots Of Cake!

March 13th 2015

- Mr. Bervoets! Where will you be able to run into the Legend Himself this year? These are the venues where you can find him: []

February 15th 2015
- #TEAMKIDSON just posted an interview with Piet from December last year, during the 30 Years Of Techno Club Celebration! Piet is asked questions and much like he did in the four part interview with DJ Feel 5 years ago, he turns the tables on his interviewer but not without making some interesting points, often with a tad of fatherly wisdom. Watch it here:

February 8th 2015

- I've renamed the "Side-projects" section to "Rank 1's Other Projects". From now on I will be updating this section with as much Piet and/or Benno material as possible. Seeing as the guys have tracks spanning from 1992-2015 at the time of writing, I will be busy for quite some time! Can you imagine Gert Egscholten had a whole site with most of those releases AND soundsamples? o_o Big shame he decided to quit it though. :( It was instrumental in acquainting me with the earliest Rank 1 releases when my brother showed the site to me back in 2005 and it was the starting point of my other-than-Rank1-hunts in 2008. Through Gert I acquired the Rank 1 live acts at Trance Energy 2000 and Sensation 2001 too. If you ever read this Gert, thanks so much for helping another fan out that way!

February 1st 2015

- The first Rank 1 DJ sets for 2015 confirmed! This is where you will be able to find Piet in action: []

January 28th 2015

- BREAKING: Mr. Enlusion's [] sharp eye caught the title of the Elements Of Nature Follow-up!! []
M.I.K.E. Push vs. Rank 1 - #JUNO is on its way to us!!

December 30th 2014

- Updated the DJ sets for 2010-2014 with Piet's Classics set at the 30 Years Of Techno Club celebration! Go here: []

December 19th 2014

- Yesterday night broadcast the second half of RRR056 for the 30 Years Of Techno Club Special! The actual party will take place on December 28th where Piet will deliver a Classics set!

December 16th 2014
- The final Radio Rush ever was another two-hour Rank 1 Only Special! Not only that but the 2nd half of the show was dropped on vinyl!! Read the official announcement here: [] and go here [] for the last ever Radio Rush tracklist!

December 15th 2014
- It seems that Rank 1's Radio Rush is coming to an end with the 56th instalment :( []. Be sure to tune in tomorrow night at 22:00 CET for one final bang!!

December 3rd 2014
 - Finally posted the Radio Rush #055 tracklist!

October 31st 2014
- The official videoclip for Airwave (21st Century Mix) is online! Watch it here: []

October 29th 2014
- This Friday Rank 1 will reveal the official video for their Airwave (21st Century Mix)! [source:]

October 26th 2014
- Added the tracklist for last night's Transmix by Rank 1! 8 Classics & 2 modern tunes in 15 minutes, check it out! :D

October 21st 2014

- Strangely enough, tonight's broadcast of Radio Rush was a replay of episode #054! Happened before on too, hopefully it gets re-scheduled soon...

October 8th 2014
- Radio Rush #054 second hour tracklist has been added!
- Also updated the DJ Sets section and added the "next chapter" in advance (blogpost for sets from 2015-2019)

September 18th 2014 
- Radio Rush #054 first hour tracklist has been added!
- Just found out the gents had an interview with Party Time Magazine: []

August 20th 2014
- Updates for the Radio Rush tracklists of the past three months, the History/Sound Development section and of course the Label Previews section!
- The 21st Century Mix currently sits at #4 in the BeatPort Trance Top 100 chart whilst the Edit is positioned on #76! 

August 8th 2014
- The new Airwave is out right now!! Grab it here: []

August 7th 2014
- Armin premiered "Rank 1 - Airwave (21st Century Mix)" on ASOT #675 tonight as Tune Of The Week! As a result, Trivia and Singles sections have been updated. :) It's out tomorrow on ALL stores including a short version! Check out the preview here: []

August 2nd 2014

- Updated the Trivia Section: added the Rank 1 releases that have appeared on the ASOT Classics Volumes so far. Those of you that like their tunes in CD-quality, start chasing the series if you didn't already do so!

July 28th 2014

- 08/08/2014. Rank 1 are infamous for not talking much so visit their site [] to see and hear for yourself! Airwave 2014 draws ever closer! One of my forumbuddies gave me a good reason to speculate: a release date on a Friday Instead Of (BeatPort) Monday, would that entail more than a single release?? OR will it just be the official teaser date? Much to speculate, we have...

July 18th 2014

- It's happening: the gents are changing their profile pictures on all social media, revealing a curious cover featuring an insect right above the infamous Rank 1 logo... A quick click to their site reveals an all too familiar melody: Airwave 2014 has come! []

July 5th 2014

- Some exciting news! Rank 1 will be providing the Transmix for the infamous Transmission festival in Prague in October! [] The Transmix will be pre-recorded and filled with Classics played alongside a spectacular visual experience. Knowing Piet's Classics sets always deliver, this is bound to be a treat as well!

June 20th 2014
- Piet just did an interview with Verse 69, check it out here []!

June 18th 2014

- Radio Rush #051 tracklist has been added!

June 3rd 2014

- Can you believe it?! A new Rank 1 has been finished today! [] So what's your guess? Responses to Rank 1 so far have many believing this is Airwave 2014!

May 27th 2014

- Decided to no longer play mr. obvious UNcognito and migrate this blog to my first google account. Confused? Rank 1 Fan Tracklister = Razormane! (though if you hadn't figured that out by now... :P)

May 21st 2014

- Phew! That was quite the 50th Radio Rush Ride!! :D Curious what you missed? Go here: []

May 20th 2014

- Tonight's 50th Radio Rush Episode will be a Rank 1 special! So expect lots of remixes and singles by our heroes!

May 12th 2014

- Good news! Rank 1 will be gracing Tomorrowland not once but TWICE this year at the "I Love The '90s" stage! You can catch Piet on July 18th and/or on July 25th along the likes of DJ Jean, Johan Gielen, Paul Elstak and more!

April 21st 2014

- Rank 1 will be part of the Trancefusion - The Legends line-up in Prague later this year!

April 16th 2014

- The 4 Year Anniversary of Rank 1's Radio Rush aired yesterday! Check out the tracklist here: [] The tracklists for #045, #047 and #048 have finally been updated too (many thanks to Enlusion!)

April 13th 2014

- Last night you could catch Piet's set from Transmission Bratislava on []! The tracklist has been updated here: [] Click on the 'title' to be taken to Soundcloud and enjoy the ride!
- Next week you can hear a Rank 1 set at Eindhoven's Down Under Festival!

April 4th 2014

- Obviously, the below-mentioned collab was a lame April Fools joke :P That said, if you do crave for a semi Armin+Rank 1/2 something, go here for the first ever "Gaia" live set: []
- Piet will rock Eindhoven 2 weeks from now with a gig at Eindhoven's Down Under Festival! []

April 1st 2014
- BIG news people! A brand new Armin vs. Rank 1 collaboration has just been announced!! []
- Also, Freudenrausch is now available on all download stores!
- On April 15th, Rank 1's Radio Rush will have its 4-year anniversary episode and on May 20th everyone's favorite duo celebrates 50 episodes of Radio Rush! Don't forget to tune in by then!

March 20th 2014
- Trancefix just interviewed Dennis & the Rank 1 guys! Check it out here: []

March 19th 2014
- Started piecing together the Radio Rush #048 tracklist! Any help is much appreciated!
- A Happy Birthday to the one and only Benno de Goeij!! Have a blast today good sir!
- And a small hooray for this blog, which was restyled exactly one year ago :D

March 18th 2014
- Updated the Singles, Label Previews and History/Sound Development sections! Also, for the sake of "try-before-you-buy" check out Freudenrausch on Youtube: []
- Piet's Transmission set from Saturday can be found on Youtube in parts, will keep you updated if I find the whole set somewhere inc. tracklist info!
- Speaking of Piet! Just found an interview with him! []

March 17th 2014
- Get ready for Spring's 'Rush Of Joy' as High Contrast Recordings release number 241 hits Beatport! Freudenrausch is finally out and waiting eagerly to be bought by all of you []

February 27th 2014
- At last!! The brand new Rank 1 & Dennis Sheperd collaboration "Freudenrausch" has been premiered on ASOT #652 tonight! The collab will be out on High Contrast Recordings on March 17th. Expect a Beatport exclusive.

February 13th 2014

- BIG NEWS! The Rank 1 vs. Dennis Shepard collaboration is set to be released on March 17th! Read all about it in this interview Dennis did with DMC world: [] Perhaps we can expect a Radio Rush Episode #047 premier this coming Tuesday??

February 10th 2014
- Guess what folks! I've just add the tracklist for Piet's adventure in Almaty for ASOT #650, including a link! :D Enjoy the ride! []

February 5th 2014 

- I'm currently adding more venues that Piet has visited to the 2010-2014 DJ Sets section. Alas, tracklists are currently missing but feel free to help me out! []

February 3rd 2014

- Behold! I've created a Mixcloud account and uploaded nine Rank 1 live performances for your pleasure! Check out the Live Act section: [] Enjoy the rides! :)

January 29th 2014

Here are four upcoming Rank 1's gigs you simply do NOT want to miss!
- January 31st 2014: A State Of Trance #650 Almaty -Kazachstan
- February 15th 2014: Elements Of Sound Festival -Malaysia
- March 15th 2014: Transmission, Bratislava -Slovakia
- April 19th 2014: Down Under Festival, Eindhoven -The Netherlands
- Logically, the DJ Sets 2010-2014 section has been updated as well :) Also pimped up the Studio album section.

January 21st 2014

- The first Radio Rush of 2014 just aired! You can find the tracklist for both hours here: []

January 5th 2014

- A bit late but HAPPY NEW YEAR! May you all have a great 2014! Some big news to announce here too!
- RANK 1 COLLAB ALERT #1: The follow-up to Elements Of Nature will definitely follow somewhere later this year!! :D []
- RANK 1 COLLAB ALERT #2: The collab with Dennis Shepard might finally see completion and a release real soon!! []
- Don't forget! Piet will be spinning in Eindhoven in April! [

December 18th 2013
- So far I've only been able to find the tracklist for last night's Radio Rush #045 Guestmix, will keep my eye out for Piet's regular hour! It was the last show for 2013, Radio Rush will return on January 21st 2014!

November 11th 2013
- Yes, yes, yes! It is finally out people! The magnificent 13.11.11 is finally out! Grab it here: [] or if you prefer to hear-before-you-buy, check it out here: []. All respective sections regarding new singles or previews have been updated of course! ;)
- Luckily there is also great news for those looking forward to seeing Piet grace the Wheels Of Steel (or should that be Sticks Of Plastic?)! Anyway: [] on April 19th 2014 you will be able to dance your ass off to Piet's energetic beats if you are near Eindhoven in the Netherlands by then!

October 15th 2013

- The Teaser is out! Quickly! Head over to [] to hear the preview for Rank 1's upcoming single 13.11.11! They have now confirmed the three reasons for this special title:
1. It will be released on November 11th 2013!
2. The track's length is 13 minutes, 11 seconds and 11 miliseconds!

3. The track runs at 131.111 BPM!
- Added a short interview session Piet gave to the Hindustan Times as prelude to his gig at Sunburn Festival! []

October 14th 2013
- Do you have the answer?? []

October 9th 2013

- Just updated the Rank 1 DJ sets with Piet's latest adventure in India! The Sunburn Festival tracklist is available including a link to the set on youtube! :)

September 18th 2013
- What's this?? A new Rank 1 track has been finished? And it will be called #131111?? Source: [] Who's excited? :D
- Added the tracklist for Radio Rush #042 including a link to the set on their Mixcloud page! Enjoy the show!

August 31st 2013

- Just added the tracklist for Rank 1's set at Insomniac Awakening Exchange from November 2012! This set contains an early version of Elements Of Nature, you can grab it at URTrancezone!

August 24th 2013
- Added the tracklist for Radio Rush #041!
- Added the tracklist for the recorded part of Rank 1's set at Radio Record 18th birthday in Russia last week! You can listen to that part of the set here:

August 19th 2013
- Added the tracklist for Radio Rush #040!

August 12th 2013
- Superb news!! A new Rank 1 single is in the works:

June 21st 2013
- Been quiet from my side for a while, sorry for that! The Radio Rush episodes have been brought up to date: #039 and #038 have finally been added! If you missed Rank 1's ASOT #600 compilation, be sure to check #039 as it contained many of its goodies! :D

May 7th 2013
- Several cool updates! Love Will Bring It All Around (Rank 1 Remix) was finally released yesterday, you can grab it at Beatport here! []
- If you scroll to the bottom of the Live Act section, you can now find these cool videos in which two guys made their own interpretation of the Rank 1 vs. Marco V collab the guys performed live at Sensation 2001!

- Speaking of Live Acts, Rank 1 will be doing one at Back In The House on May 19th in Amsterdam! [] Use the translate function, I'm not kidding! :D
- The Singles and Remixes sections have now been updated with direct links to download shops of the available digital productions by the guys! How much easier does it get for you to show a little love and support, eh? ;)

May 2nd 2013

- And she's finally up! You can find the official label preview for the Rank 1 Remix here: [].

May 1st 2013

- The Rank 1 Remix for Giuseppe's Love Will Bring It All Around has premiered on Ferry Corsten's Countdown tonight! I am keeping my eye out on an official Black Hole preview to pop up on youtube...

April 29th 2013
- It's that time of the month again, ladies and gentlemen. That time when Rank 1 announces their freshly released single! The bigroom monster known as Floorlifter is waiting for you to purchase it! "Get a copy while they're hot!" []

April 20th 2013

- The word is out! [] "Guiseppe Ottaviani feat. Eric Lumiere - Love Will Bring It All Around (Rank 1 Remix)" will be released on Beatport through Black Hole on May 6th!
- Added the official label preview for Under The Gun (Rank 1 Remix) in the Videoclips and Label Previews section. Check out the preview here: []

April 17th 2013

- Rank 1 - Floorlifter will be released on April 29th guys! []
- Radio Rush #037 was the show's three year anniversary and included a Radio Rush debut for Under The Gun (Rank 1 Remix) and a replay of Floorlifter. Guestmix duties were provided by AnbroK. Currently adding label tags to the Radio Rush #037 playlist!

April 15th 2013

- It got postponed for two weeks but now we can finally enjoy the sounds of Rank 1's energetic remix for Conjure One - Under The Gun! Grab this tasty release over here: []

April 11th 2013

- Singles Section has been massively updated, decided to implement the same template for the remixes section!
- Added the official label preview for Floorlifter in the Videoclips and Label Previews section. Check out the preview here: []

April 10th 2013

- Still working on the Singles Section, standby!
- Sunday May 19th, Rank 1 will be spinning at Back In The House on the Java Eiland in Amsterdam! A whole host of Trance Veterans will be there! What about you? :) []
- It seems we can expect 'Guiseppe Ottaviani - ??? (Rank 1 Remix)' to do the rounds shortly! []

April 5th 2013

- OUT NOW! A State Of Trance #600 The official compilation, CD4 is mixed by none other than Rank 1! Get the CDs from several spots here: [] and the digital version from here: []!

April 3rd 2013

- Currently pimping the Singles section by adding some additional info like catalog number, composer info, and exact release dates. Let me know what you think!
- Alas, Conjure One - Under The Gun won't be released on Beatport until April 15th []...

March 27th 2013

- Rank 1 just announced that they are remixing "one heck of a vocal trancer" for Black Hole Recordings! []

March 25th 2013 

- Rank 1's ASOT #600 Mumbai set has been fully updated! Check the DJ Sets 2010 - 2014 section for further details.
- Conjure One feat. Leigh Nash - Under The Gun (Rank 1 Remix) just aired on the ASOT #600 Mumbai re-run stream! What to expect? An energetic techy club track with those lush trademark R1 synths after the breakdown. It seems a new R1-soundshift is upon us! :)

March 20th 2013

- Radio Rush #036 has been updated! Check out the RR section for the full two hours!
- The new Floorlifter honors its name! It a techy Bigroom monster that will certainly pack a punch on the coming festivals of summer 2013! Keep your eyes out for a youtube link! 

March 19th 2013 

-  First of all: a very happy birthday to one of the two Masters, Benno de Goeij! Thank you for your great service to our scene with all the great productions you've put out over the past three decades Benno! Have a great time with your family and friends and may you live many more years blessed with good health, good people, amazing music and great times! 
- Next: Rank 1's Floorlifter will air on Radio Rush #036 tonight at 22:00 CET! [] Just like when "100" first aired on Radio Rush worldwide some 33 episodes ago, this will be the worldwide Radio Premier so don't miss it!! Tune in here: []

March 14th 2013
- Attention Rank 1 fans, thrilling news!! After nearly 26 months of remix-drought, a new Rank 1 Remix has just been announced! "Conjure One - Under The Gun (Rank 1 Remix)" will be out soon! Sources:
- And, and, and...!! A brand new Rank 1 single is on its way too! I don't know about you guys, but I've barely recovered from 7 Instead Of 8 and Elements Of Nature... Not sure if I'm ready for another so soon! "Rank 1 - Floorlifter", it's gonna happen on March 16th in Mumbai! Sources:
[] Perhaps this single has something to do with the following Conjure One tweet from last year: []? Conjure One vs. Rank 1, funny yet nice ring to it, no? :) Spread the word!

February 20th 2013

- Just added the tracklist for Radio Rush #035. Remember: from now on Radio Rush airs on from 22:00 till 00:00 CET on every third Tuesday of the month. This month's guestmix came from the Romanian DJ Axt. Check it here! [] Note: This episode did not have a Retro Record.

January 28th 2013

- It's finally out now on Beatport! Show some love for Rank 1 & M.I.K.E. and buy Elements Of Nature here: [] \0/

January 25th 2013
- Important announcement regarding Radio Rush! Read it here: [1/2 =] & [2/2 =]

January 9th 2013
- Coming to Beatport the 28th of January and coming to the other portals the 11th of February, ladies & gentlemen, put your hands together for the brand new Rank 1 vs. M.I.K.E. collaboration 'Elements Of Nature'! \0/ []

January 1st 2013
- Happy New Year all! Updated the Radio Rush Tracklists section as well as the Retro Records/Supported Labels list with the latest Radio Rush (#034). No Retro Record for this episode.

December 25th 2012

- Just posted Rank 1's EOYC countdown set in the Pre-recorded/Radio Sets section: it was a Classics showcase of their 2000-2006 tracks. :)

December 21st 2012

- Today the first sneak-peak of the Clash of the Trance Legends has been revealed! Ladies and gents, are you ready for the brand new Rank 1 vs. M.I.K.E. collab "Elements Of Nature"?? Check it out here: []!

December 4th 2012
- Updated the Radio Rush Tracklists section as well as the Retro Records/Supported Labels list with the latest Radio Rush (#033). Again, no Retro Record for this episode...
- Added "Within Temptation - Sinéad (Benno de Goeij Remix)" to the Side-projects section.

November 23rd 2012

- Added the interview Rank 1 did with DMC World Magazine. Read it here: []

November 6th 2012

- Updated the Radio Rush Tracklists section as well as the Retro Records/Supported Labels list with the latest Radio Rushes (#031 & #032). No Retro Record this time, as the last track of #032 was the new single 7 Instead Of 8.

October 30th 2012

- It's already under construction, a M.I.K.E. vs. Rank 1 collaboration! \0/ []

October 29th 2012

- It's finally out now on Beatport! Show some love for Rank 1 and buy 7 Instead Of 8 here: [] \0/

October 22nd 2012

- The Rank 1 vs. Dennis Shepard collaboration might see the light of day in December! Source: []
- Updated the Rumored/Unreleased Material section with said collaboration
- Updated the History, Sound Development and Personalities Section

October 18th 2012

- Rank 1's 7 Instead Of 8 has premiered on A State Of Trance #583 as Tune Of The Week! []

October 15th 2012

- Coming to Beatport the 28th of October and coming to the other portals the 12th of November, ladies & gentlemen, put your hands together for the brand new Rank 1 release "7 Instead Of 8"! \0/ []

September 26th 2012

- A new track, with Dennis Shepard, [] marking a possible third 2012 release and a tweet about too many tracks for High Contrast Recordings to release []... Could that second Rank 1 studio album finally be under way??

September 12th 2012

- Benno has revealed that the new Rank 1 single will be titled "7 Out Of 8"! Source: [] Who's excited? :D

September 10th 2012

- Updated the Radio Rush Tracklists section as well as the Retro Records/Supported Labels list with the latest Radio Rush (#030). This 30th installment also revealed three of Piet's The Gallery gig IDs: Track 1 = Solid Stone - Torpor [Armada], Track 6 = Orjan Nilsen - Phireworx [Armind] & Track 13 = Dave Schiemann - Vega (Original Mix).

August 24th 2012
- Be Yourself Music had a busy day adding label-official(!) full-length(!!) clips of Opus 17, Top Gear, Life Less Ordinary (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Original Mix) & Life Less Ordinary (A Less Ordinary Rank 1 Remix) to Youtube! I've gratefully added the links in the History/Sound Development/Personalities section, scroll to the bottom of that page for take-off to Trance-vana at Youtube :)

August 12th 2012
- Added the DJ set at Nature One and updated the EDC New York tracklist with two revealed IDs: Track 1 = Adrian Emile - Violet [Above Recordings] & Track 5 = Alpha Force & Vlad Gee - 753 Miles Away (NoMosk Remix) [Trance All-Star Recordings]. Credits to the ASOT forum member "ajaghvajagh" for finding these!

August 10th 2012

- Added the tracklist for the MOS/The Gallery gig broadcast by Be@TV: Help out with the IDs if you can as one of them should be a brand new Rank 1 track! []

August 9th 2012
- Updated the Radio Rush Tracklists section as well as the Retro Records/Supported Labels list with the latest installment (#029).

August 4th 2012
- Added the live performance tracklists for Nature One 2012 and Sunrise Festival 2012 (or at least) what I've found/heard myself so far. Will be updated once I find out more!

July 19th 2012
- Added Trance Energy 2007 & Trance Energy 2009 tracklists (the latter is mostly made up of IDs though) in the Live Sets section.

July 17th 2012
- Added links to Rank 1 videoclips and label track previews in the History, Sound Development & Personalities section.
- Added the first few sets in the Pre-Recorded/Radio Sets section.

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