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They don't like interviews as they believe their music should do all the talking. Even then, the Rank 1 gents have been courteous enough to answer more than a few questions throughout the years. Here's a list with interviews. There are a few in Dutch, I'll try to translate those in English as soon as I get the chance. Until then, you'll have to do with the ones I listed here. Enjoy the read!

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Rank 1 interview
2011 | February 9th | by Nonstop2k interview.html+Interview+with+Benno+de+Goeij&cd=21&hl=nl&ct=clnk&gl=nl&

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2008 | June 5th | by frombeyond (

Interview met Piet Bervoets van Rank 1 - Een gezelligheidsdier met een muzikaal hart [DUTCH]
2007 | ??? | by Club Judge

Rank 1 INTERVIEW // Bring On The London Sound Clash!!
2006 | January 10th | by Matt Kaycee and Kriess Guyte

Toronto Night Club interview with Rank 1!
2006 | February 3rd | by Rhue

Rank 1 carries the party on [Translated by Razormane]
2005 | March 2nd | by Jeroen Berkenbosch

People having the night of their lives: Hands in the air, dancing and enjoying the music. This is the scenario during Rank  1’s performances. Piet Bervoets and Benno de Goeij are the producers behind Rank 1. They’ve had many higlights in  their carreer already. One of their latest tracks, a big Trance Energy hit named ‘Beats At Rank-1 Dotcom’ is known by many.  It has been the highest noted Dutch track in almost every European dance-chart. But eventhough they are a famous name in the Trance scene the guys behind Rank 1 remain ordinary people.

Piet: We aren’t gods but ordinary people. So people can just act normal towards us. You don’t have to call me ‘sir’.

What is Rank 1 doing at the moment?

Piet: I’m very busy at the moment. I don’t spend much time at home and I have a lot of performances. At this very  moment we’re working on two new tracks for our new album. One of them is going to be called ‘Opus 17’, for the other we don’t have a name yet since we’re still working on it.

What does Rank 1 do daily? 

Piet: I’m never at home during weekends. I’m the DJ of Rank 1 and as a result I have to travel a lot. As you can see,  music is very much involved in my daily life. Next weekend I have to go to Middelstum and afterwards to Rotterdam. The  weekend after that I’ll be in America. Throughout the week I try to answer as much fanmail as possible since the  mailbox will be full again after a few days without emptying it. In the mean time, I try to enjoy life as much as possible.

Piet Bervoets thinks their greatest hit is their track ‘Airwave’.  

Piet: ‘Airwave’ is a track that will never grow old. This is a track we do not have to be ashamed of.

The track got worldwide fame and even got them a golden record in the Netherlands. Piet: In Engeland the track got a lot of airplay as well. It was a big hit here too.

Nowadays, this track is considered one of the biggest classics in the trance scene. Rank 1 made one artist album  entitled ‘Symsonic’, the second is being developed as we speak. 

Piet: Rank 1 music has always been classically influenced. Benno is the maestro behind the piano: he is capable of  playing entire classical pieces from the top of his head. Because of his piano skills, our music is unique. I take care of the other sounds in our music. It’s always funny to hear people say they recognize our melodies from somewhere  but this is caused by the classically inspired tones: our tracks are self made productions with an own style. We remain  ourselves in our daily lives as well as in our music.  We have noticed that hardstyle is currently booming in the  Netherlands but we try to remain ourselves, our music is more Trance based.

Rank 1 is familiar with Groningen. 

Piet: I’ve been there a few times including for a gig at a school where I was only allowed to play for 45 minutes unfortunately.

The name Sunsation reminds Piet of Sensation. That tonight will be a fabulous sensational show is assured with the way  in which Rank 1 intends to carry the party on.
Piet: I will definitely carry the party on after 4 Strings. Of course I will read the crowd and react to them with  Trance records. What people won’t need to expect from me is hardstyle. This is not my thing but luckily Sunsation has  a separate stage for that.

Is there also a ritual you conduct prior to a Rank 1 gig?
Piet: What I usually do first is examine the room to pick up the taste of the crowd: I usually play close attention to  what the DJ before me drops and to what the crowd reacts enthusiastically. I also think it’s proper for a DJ to appear  at least an hour before your gig to show yourself. I don’t like just showing myself during my gig; it will seem as if  I’m only there for the money. But that’s not true, I also like the good atmosphere as well as the contact with people  before and after the gig. In Middelstum I won’t be able to hang around this time. I need to move on to gig in  Rotterdam right away afterwards.

Which event did you enjoy the most?
Piet: Every event leaves a memory of its own, these are always tough questions. I just had a tour in Australia where I was  allowed to do five gigs. The fact that you are in Australia is special in its own way. Trance Energy was amazing too:  the people that come to the event, come for Trance specifically: it’s a lot easier to react to the crowd there since  they love every record you drop. Then there is the live performance, always much fun to do. It does take a lot of  preparation to do but it does amount to something worthwhile. After a performance it gives a great feeling to be able  to tell each other: that went well!

If you had to choose between the three following statements: innovative, passion or music of an own kind… Which of the  three do you think is most applicable to Rank 1?
Piet: That’s a tough choice. I can’t choose between them but I can finish with the following: we try to incorporate passion  into our music, allowing us to make innovative music which you will be able to hear on our new album where you will  find tracks we made on our own acoord. Our own kind of music.

Rank 1 has to travel more than 200 kilometers to reach Middelstum, but we’ll be seeing him during the Rabo Dance  Event. Saturday the 16th of April we will be allowed to admire Rank 1 between 00:00 - 02:00 on the Transation Area stage.

Rank 1 Interview (2004)
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Rank 1 video interview after the live performance
2001 | July 7th | by sensationvideo

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